Flirting Technique – 7 Ways to Flirt that Work with ANY Girl

Today, we’re showing you exactly how to flirt with a beautiful woman.

For a lot of guys, there’s a lot of confusion as to what works and what doesn’t when flirting. And that’s a problem because flirting is
one of the most important steps in taking things past the friend zone.

But don’t worry, if you know these few easy steps, and the one thing you NEVER want to do, you’ll be able to flirt with any girl
you want. So…. to help you understand how to masterfully flirt, here are 7 steps to flirting that you need to know.

Step #1: Make Sure You’re Approaching Her At the Right Time Whether you’re at a party, a bar or a park, the time has to be right in order to have a real chance at success. Because not only could botching the timing ruin your opportunity at that moment, but it could also blow any chance you may have had in the future. Luckily though, determining if it’s the right time is actually pretty straight forward: If she seems busy or focus (at work, working out at the gym, at a cafe studying)… It’s probably better to hold off. But if she’s doesn’t seem too focused, or is somewhere where flirting is more expected, it’s probably OK to be a little more bold. That being said, there’s just one crucial thing to keep in mind: It may never seem like the perfect time. So if you find yourself consistently not making a move, and/or are constantly telling yourself she’s too busy/focused, you may be accidentally making excuses.

Step #2: Tastefully Get Her Attention + Make Your Approach Now that you’ve established that now is as good a time as any, you’re going to need to get her attention and get things going. Because even if she doesn’t seem too preoccupied, you still want to make sure she knows you’re about to come talk to her. So what’s a good way to make sure you’re not totally catching her by surprise? Two age-old classics: Friendly eye contact and a little smile. This is where flirtation truly begins and as you’ll see: It’s all about keeping things light, fun and (because you’re a stranger) non-threatening.

Step #3: Start by Saying the Right Thing This is it: You’ve got her attention and before you could really even think about it, it’s time to quickly come up with something to say. You might be tempted to hit her with that line you’ve been working on……which may be fine, but if you are there’s just one thing to remember: If you’re going to be bold in your approach, be ready to follow through. Because once you’ve painted yourself as the kind of guy to “spit game” at a girl, you may have to keep up the act for the rest of the conversation. So unless you’re really that kind of guy, just keep it simple and start by saying simple like: “Hey.” or “Hi, I’m James.” Because at the end of the day, your opener doesn’t need to be clever as much as it just needs to be genuine and confident.

Step #4: Have The Right Type of Conversation However you went about getting her attention, now it’s time to begin talking. At it’s core, flirting is just a conversation…except with flirting, what’s more important than what you talk about, is how you talk to her…Which brings us to a surprisingly simple tip: Instead of trying too hard to “flirt” and come across like Captain Suave, just talk to her like you would anyone you’re getting to know. Not what you were expecting? Well, think about it: Talking with her in this friendly manner not only keeps things light, comfortable and fun for her, But it also takes the pressure off you and lets you relax and enjoy the conversation… 2 things which are guaranteed to make her enjoy talking to you more. And if you still do really want to make it clear that you’re interested, All you have to do is make an extra effort to listen (and maybe give her a little compliment). Which brings us to step #5…

Step #5: Let Her Do Some of the Talking You can’t show her you’re a great listener if you’re the one doing all the talking. So the next step (and a great way to see if she’s actually interested) is to stop talking and try to get her to take the lead. Because even though you may have initiated the conversation, doesn’t mean you have to keep it going alone. On the contrary: If she’s feeling like flirting
…She’ll probably be pretty quick to open up to you, if you give her the chance. So instead of trying too hard to make her laugh, or coming up with all the topics, let her ask some questions and try talking about her interests instead.

Step #6: Close the Conversation So That You Can Talk to Her Again If it went well, you’ll probably be thinking about one thing: How can I talk to her again? If you sense the two of you had awesome chemistry and you’re eager to talk again soon, Just go for it and confidently ask if you can call her, or just offer yours. If she seems excited and doesn’t hesitate to want to exchange numbers, you can be pretty sure that she had as much fun flirting as you did.

Step #7: Dress For The Occasion
If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t start your day off on a mission to flirt. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready just in case it happens. So… how can you become immediately more prepared for successful flirting? By taking care of your personal appearance. While most girls don’t expect you to be squeaky clean 100% of the time, wearing clean clothes, putting on deodorant, and washing your hair everyday …are all scientifically guaranteed to improve the odds that a girl will want to flirt with you. Why is it so totally effective?It’s simple: Women like a guy who makes an effort to care about how the world sees him. Look good, feel good. The key to flirting successfully, …starts with a fresh pair of clothes and a shower.

The 1 Easy Trick… to Make ANY Girl Instantly Run Away From You In the Other Direction What is one pickup approach that is not only completely self-defeating, but also totally easy for just about any woman to spot immediately? The bone-headed act known as “negging.” Perpetuated by guys who call themselves “pickup artists,” negging is a so-called “seduction” technique used by guys to get women to like them. The premise is that in order for women to be more receptive, they need to be (not so subtly) put down and made fun of. Ignoring all of the reasons why this is wrong, negging is also totally lame and immature. But if it’s so bad, why do so many guys try it?

Negging is sold as a clever, innocent and psychological trick that, when used properly, will get a woman to go from not having any interest in a guy, to get her to be all over him because she “needs approval.” The only thing is: Most women see right through it and know that any guy dumb enough to honestly try it… …is not worth their time. Those are the top 7 steps to flirting + the 1 thing you should really never do.