Interesting Facts

Hello fat lovers today we are here with

some amazing facts about dinosaurs so


let’s start that number one dinosaurs

walked the earth for over 165 million

years track number two they lived during

a period of time known as the Mesozoic

era or age of reptiles that number three

at the end of the Cretaceous period they

became extinct that was around 65

million years ago during this time there

was a great deal of volcanic activity

and many earthquakes at number four

many people believe that dinosaurs

became extinct because an asteriod hit

the earth changing the climate

dramatically it is believed that

dinosaurs couldn’t adapt to these

changes fact number five the word

dinosaur means terrifying lizard this

name was invented by Sir Richard Owen in


but number six the oldest known dinosaur

is a raptor a meat-eater

that lived 228 million years ago fat

number seven most dinosaurs hatch from

eggs and they could not fly or live in


fact number eight dinosaurs are

classified as reptiles they are divided

into two groups based on the structure

of the hip one roof has lizard like hips

and the other rope has bird-like hips

at number nine most paleontologists

scientists that study dinosaurs believe

that birds are the only surviving

dinosaurs so dinosaurs aren’t really

extinct because their descendants are

still living suck number ten the biggest

dinosaurs were over 100 feet long and

fifty feet tall the sauropod was the

largest dinosaur the smallest dinosaur

were the size of a chicken and were

called Moo soros or mouse lizard fat

number 11 some dinosaurs were carnivores

meat-eaters and some were herbivores

plant eaters some walked on two legs

while other walked on four legs

some had horns and spikes other had

thick bumpy skin and some had even

feathers fat number 12 the color of all

dinosaurs is unknown because no one was

alive at that time in history fat number

13 there are currently over 330

described dinosaur species and this

number is growing fat number 14

pterodactyls are not dinosaurs they are

flying reptiles that live during the age

of dinosaurs but by definition they do

not fall into the same category the same

goes for water bays reptiles such as

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